The Princess Super Kitty Cat and Mousimus Series for Beginner Readers


CHOUPICOS BEGINNER READER SERIES: She is a cat. He is a mouse. They are best friends: they play, they fight, they make up, they laugh, they cry… These are their stories.

Aimed at beginner readers, this series tells stories of friendship between a cat and a mouse.

Princess Cat loves her tiara, hates the beach and wants her best friend to always do what she wants.

Mousimus, much like any boy, loves to play with a ball, get dirty in the mud and run around to explore. He also very much likes his best friend.

With simple adventures of day-to-day life this series will draw in beginner readers who are honing their reading skills.

The Adventures of Princess Super Kitty Cat and Mousimus Series for Beginner Readers – Book 1: “Where is my tiara?”

princess super kitty cat mousimus cover tiara beginner reader book maria ellis choupicosMousimus wants to play with a ball. Kitty Cat wants to read. So he has to ask… nicely. But there is one more thing missing: Princess Super Kitty Cat’s tiara! And it is really missing! Who took it?! And why?!

In a simple, comic book style and one panel per page, this beginner book series will entertain your budding reader with friendship stories between a cat and a mouse. These are the adventures of a not-so-typical princess cat and her best friend, a daring and fun mouse boy.

LEVEL: Beginner Reader (Kindergarten to Grade 2)

  • for children who are starting to read on their own
  • lots of sight words
  • simple, short sentences

AGES: 5 – 8

TOPICS: princess stories, cat stories, mouse stories, animal books