children's books writer illustrator maria ellis choupicos pressHello!

My name is Maria Ellis.

I am the founder of Choupicos and its principal author.

Thank you for your interest in the free library!

I would like to offer you free online kids books, instantly downloadable.

All of them are also available in paperback but I would like you to try the ebook version of these kids books for two reasons:

  • 1) I would very much like you to get acquainted with my work and
  • 2) it gives me great satisfaction to be read by children.

I am a former teacher who is now writing and illustrating kids books. My own boy and girl are now my first critics – and my muses. My books are “alive” because they come from our lives, with relatable stories. I hope you will try them!

I will continuously update the free library with the free e-book version of new books, as well as samples, coloring pages, exercises, audiobooks and other materials.

To that end – and in order to occasionally send you articles and other news from me, I am asking for your email address. Of course, I will never, ever spam you and, should you choose to, you can cancel at any time.

In order to access the free books, please sign up.

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The Free Library is continuously updated. When you sign up, you will have lifetime membership and access to:

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Let’s give them a happy childhood!