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maria ellis authorHi! I'm Maria Ellis. I am the author of "The Golden Cheese" and many other books for children that I write and illustrate.

Three years ago I walked into our kitchen, following the hysterical giggles of my son and husband, grinning from ear to ear. I wanted to know what the fun was about! What I saw was this: my (then) 2 y.o. boy, in his high chair, screaming "Choupicos!" in a high-pitched voice and collapsing with laughter over his table.

My husband could not speak anymore - from laughing so hard.

"What's <choupicos>?!" I asked, trying to get in on the fun.

"I have no idea!" my husband replied. "He made it up and he's laughing like crazy!"

So there you have it. Choupicos means:

  1. a happy childhood
  2. laughing like crazy at made-up words... and anything else you can think of
  3. playfulness
  4. love
  5. sharing
  6. learning

Choupicos is my online home, where I blog about parenting, the adventures of raising two children with my wonderful husband, lessons learned from my teaching days and many other things related to kids, raising kids, making kids laugh, raising happy, well-adjusted kids and never ever forgetting to laugh ourselves silly.

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More About Me

  • What I Do for Work: I used to be a full-time English teacher. I became a stay-at-home mom almost 5 years ago when I had my first child.
  • My Family: is composed of my husband, Philippe and our two children, Nicolas and Diane.
  • Where I Live: Brussels, in the chocolate-filled Kingdom of Belgium.
  • What I am Crazy About: my kids, my husband, Belgian fries, Game of Thrones and sleeping.
  • What I Do: not sleep, write books, illustrate books, write blog posts about parenting and try to connect with people who like to laugh themselves silly.
  • My Books: you can find all of them here.
  • Find Me: on Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter. You can also drop me a line here.