9 Tips to Tackle Potty Training

9 tips to tackle potty training

Need a few tips on potty training? Here are 9 of them.

Parenting is a team sport. Mom, dad, grandparents, sure. But also, other parents. Lots and lots of other parents. Shared experiences make everybody’s life easier – and more fun. Today’s article is a guest post from Mickeeley over at The Salamanca Diary on how she potty-trained her daughter. You can read my own real life lessons in potty training here.

Potty training is a huge monster of a task to tackle. It is something every mom has to figure out and it is something I have personally struggled with. We attempted to potty train my daughter THREE times! To help you out, I have included some tips that really helped.


This is so important! If you keep quitting and restarting, it will take forever, stay consistent and don’t give up. I tried three separate times before finally remaining consistent. You will get discouraged and want to just let them wear diapers, but don’t do it! Keep trying momma.

2) Use Underwear, No Pull-Ups

Letting you little one wear a pull-up will not help with anything. Training panties are available, but more expensive and normal underwear get the job done too. Sometimes we would allow our daughter to would just run around naked if we weren’t expecting company (less laundry too!). Once they use the bathroom in their panties, they will realize it isn’t absorbing like diapers and want to use a potty.

3) Find a “Potty” Song

If your child is as obsessed with YouTube like a lot of other toddlers, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a song about using the potty! Let them sing those silly songs and sing it with them if it helps encourage them.

4) Keep A Chart

Make a cute little chart and set a goal. Keep track of how many times they use the potty and once they reach their goal, give them a prize (something as cheap as a toy from the dollar store)!

5) Keep the Potty Close

Keeping the potty in the living room or closest bathroom not only helps remind them, but they can also make it faster and decrease the chance of an accident. Every time they look at the potty, ask them if they need to pee-pee.

6) Positive Reinforcement

Children love rewards, so this is just natural. Always celebrate the little victories! Your little one will be more likely to continue using the potty if they know they will get praise. Offer a high-five and hug every time they get it!

7) Provide a Distraction

Use an iPad or play phone, to distract them by letting them watch it while they’re sitting on the potty so they don’t get nervous. Dry erase boards are also a fun distraction for toddler. If they are potty training on the toilet, let them use a dry erase marker on the back of the toilet and set them backwards.

8) Use a Coffee Filter

For easy clean up when they do a #2, just place a coffee filter (or paper towels) in the potty to just throw away. This saves you time cleaning up and makes it less messy!

9) Don’t Get Discouraged

You’re little one may not get it right the first day and that’s okay. They will have accidents sometimes even after they are fully potty trained. Just remember you’re doing great and stay consistent while encouraging them.

Potty training is probably one of the most stressful stages for us so far, but it isn’t that hard if you have a few simple tricks up your sleeve!

Mickeeley is the mastermind behind The Salamanca Diary, where she strives to give advice and inform mothers of natural alternatives. Mickeeley has a daughter and a kind husband that she resides with in North Carolina. She is a coffee-addict and loves cats. You can follow her on Pinterest or Instagram to stay up to date with her latest content.

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